Our goal

We want you to be well placed:

The number of the unemployed youth today in the world is daunting. The irony is that there are so many qualified professionals today and they are not able to capitalize on their knowledge. While a majority of them think on the lines of setting up their own establishments, it is disheartening to know that a majority of them become loss making within the first year itself.

By the time, they can gather themselves and start something new and again, they have already lost a chunk of their confidence.

Research has proved that in fresh graduates who opt to work as contractors with set up like an umbrella company do very well. One must remember here that it when a fresh graduate is planning to join the work force, it is not the money that is most important.

The experience that the graduate will collect from working as a contractor will far outweigh any advantages there is when we are talking about the same person setting up his own establishment.

Here are the goals of our company:

  1. Set up is easy:

You will appreciate the fact that setting up yourself as a contactor with us is as easy as saying ABC. All you need is to submit your time sheets and other educational documents and we will register you after a preliminary check on your qualification and your skills. It is definitely easier than setting up your own business.

  1. Low risks:

As a contractor, your risk level is the lowest whereas the ability to be able to make more money is not ruled out.

  1. You can work for any amount of time:

While you can be put as a contract under us as long as you can afford to, rest assured that you can also become a contractor and solicit more work in case you want to. so, great flexibility there!

If you find it your calling, we invite you drop a few lines about yourself on the email address given below and we will be glad to include you in our company if your educational qualifications and skills when they match a requirement for the clients.